Speechless – Have a Little Patience

Speechless – Have a Little Patience

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Patience is one of the most important elements of life.  Without patience a person will get overwhelmed with anxiety and it will reflect on everyone around them.  An overly anxious person is someone who is on edge and is not living in the moment.  Your every moment can seem like forever when you have no patience.

In relationships today patience is extremely important and you cannot expect an immediate response to everything you communicate.  Its understandable to want to be connected to the people you love at every moment that you can because you don’t want to miss a single moment; especially given the modern communication tools like text and instant messaging.  But its important to remember that you have to respect peoples time and space and allow things to just happen naturally.  This space and time is most important in long distance relationships where you and the person you love are not present in each others lives in the physical presence.  People are born to live their own lives and in that way; in order to preserve your respect for one another, patience for them is extremely important.  It kind of works in this way with the quote “If you love something let it go, if it comes back to you its yours, if it doesn’t then it wasn’t meant to be.” This quote in the sense of long distance relationships and patience works in such a way that you have to give your loved one the space they need to live.  You do not have to forget about them or love them any less; because if what you have is real then you will understand that you can have patience for the person you love and let them live at the same time.  Its more important to remember, that when you get a moment, a single second, a quick call at the end of the day, then that moment is meant for you and you should appreciate that time.  Don’t take any moment for granted with the people you love and always appreciate the moments that you do get with them.  If you can remain with that then you can focus on having great times with the moments you do get with them.  Have patience for people and don’t get to caught up in what they are doing when not responding to you.  Live your life and live with patience.

At work, its also very important to have patience.  You cannot rush into projects and think that everything will happen right away.  Its very important to remember that inspiration can not be forced and it comes naturally; with time.  Additionally, Successful companies and projects are not built overnight, it takes so much time, work and patience.  Its also important to have patience for the people you work together with.  As a coworker or boss; You need to understand that people learn everyday and with every new experience your co-workers are getting stronger.  That is what happens in life and people won’t always get it right the first time.  In that way its crucial to have patience with the people you work with.

Patience is important and if you have issues with patience you should try and work on them.  In the long run of life it will help you have a much better life and you will live with less stress.  Appreciate the people around you and let things happen naturally, with time..

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