Speechless | Open Your Mind to Others

Speechless | Open Your Mind to Others

Speechless | John Centi

Welcome to Speechless.  This is a concept that was developed by myself and person I care very much about.  We decided that it would be a good idea to take ten minutes out of everyday and focus on our surroundings and write our thoughts.  Some speechless writings have lasted as long as an hour for me and some are much shorter.  Speechless is a book project the release date will be announced when it gets closer to being finalized.  This book is meant for all the people that have things that sometimes just can’t be said.  In other words for people who are Speechless.

This is a speechless I wrote on January 25, 2010.  Like some 201 Days ago now..

“You have to keep an open mind with understanding until you know both sides of the story in all aspects of life..  Even if you have a bad experience with one type of person; in the future don’t judge that “type” of person just because they could be similar in race, gender or personality type.  You have to fully understand someone to truly understand them..  When you have predetermined judgment against someone you should try to keep your feelings and emotions to yourself until you can develop a full understanding for who that person is.  Every single person is different and no two people are the same and everyone should have the opportunity to show their true spirit.”

Seasons Change by Tim Karpinski

– Art by Tim Karpinski.

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