Speechless – Stop and Listen

Speechless – Stop and Listen

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I have seen this happen way to often in all walks of life and its one of the hardest things to deal with.  This is the moment when one person talks at the same time as another person.  Its this moment that its easy to say “Everything is said but nothing is heard”.  This is a very painful experience for everyone involved because often times people “don’t speak; just to speak” but generally have something to say that will contribute so much value to the conversation and it deserves to be heard.

Its crucial to stop, and allow people to speak.  Its crucial to listen.  Listen carefully; especially if the people you love are the ones doing the speaking.  In that situation, open your mind and heart entirely and allow what they are saying to enter.  From the point that a statement enters your heart you then have the power to do with the words what you want.  You can process them and allow them to affect you or if its a bullshit negative statement you also have the power to block it.  That is your power, and your strength and never forget that.  Without the open mind and ears then you may not even hear the statement in the first place and might have missed out on something very strong that was said.  Remember, everything happens for a reason and you are meant to hear every word, even if the word goes against what you want to hear.  Its being said for a reason.

I have seen this happen so many times in business situations.  Its when two employees are so excited to express something to their boss that they speak over one another and at the same time.  It’s important to remember that when a situation like this occurs the boss will try and listen to both people at once, but will hear no one.  This is because its impossible for someone to hear two people talking directly to them at one time.  If you find yourself in a situation like this, become the bigger person and Stop And Listen.  Back off and allow the other person to express their side.  When they finish communicate that you still have something to say and then move forward with your statement.  If the other person continues to drop in on your statement, kindly ask them to stop talking over you and move forward with your statement.

To Stop and Listen is super important when the conversation occurs between two people.  When its you and another person talking you have to respect and remember this.  If both of you are talking at the same time, its impossible for anything to be heard. I can understand why it happens especially in the heat of the moment in a strong debate you feel strongly about.  But remember, no one can make a strong and full statement while simultaneously listening at the same time.  Try to stop yourself in the middle of making your point if, at that moment you find yourself making your statement the other person is simultaneously making theirs.  Be the bigger person, stop and listen, then at the right moment make your statement.  This power to stop and use patience will get you so much farther along in the conversation.

Also remember that there are two sides to every story and have faith that when its your time to be heard you will have the opportunity to express yourself. Have faith and respect for the power of communication and be patient because while the one person does all the talking now, you will soon have your moment to speak.

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