Suburban Blend Ads

Suburban Blend Ads

SUBURBAN BLEND: Ahh the beauty of Liquidation… The time where everyone can get a piece of the high discounts and great snowboarding gear at very low prices.  We at Suburban Blend are in the process of clearing out some old inventory and we are working hard to decrease the prices on tons of gear everyday.  To go along with the efforts of decreasing prices we are also increasing our affiliate marketing program by over 100% and sending out an exclusive set of invites for Snowrev Community Members, Suburban Blend previous shoppers and all facebook fans for all of our brands..  Collectively we can reach out to about 60,000 + active online users at any time.  We are getting everyone amped for this one time blow out clearance sale..  Get ready fans, once the entire shop is populated with the appropriate discounts we are dropping a bomb on ya…

As you can see, today I spent some time designing some advertisements for this blowout sale. After I designed the ads I set them up in our affiliate account.  For me, its interesting to learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing.  I currently operate an affiliate account for Snowrev and Skateboardrev where I work closely with merchants that display their ads on my site.. On the other hand I am running the merchant account for Suburban Blend and previously Wave Rave Snowboard Shops.  I know what it takes to launch an affiliate campaign.  Its not an easy task but is great for your business.  I currently work with the Google Affiliate Network, and because they are the most legit and have the best tools.

Linkshare is legit because they have Itunes and that is one bad ass affiliate to be approved with..  You can sell music directly from your site and get paid for it.. I will show you later in an upcoming post.

Let me explain to you how this affiliate marketing works real quick. If you click on one of these ads on my site today, but don’t buy anything from SB until November; I will still get the commission. This is due to the fact that a very sophisticated tracking cookie exists, but that’s an entirely new post to come..

If you’re interested; You can include our ads on your site and get paid when people buy something from Suburban Blend. Its just the way it works.

Peep these ads, give me some feedback and get yourself some super cheap gear from Suburban Blend while it lasts…

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