Suburban Blend New Site Sneak Peek

Suburban Blend New Site Sneak Peek

Suburban Blend Snow and Skate Manufacturers

I have been busting my ass on the new Suburban Blend website, it actually ate up 100% of my time this week. I am loving the work and taking a new and pretty cool approach of developing a content focus, driven for the needs of our online store. This info includes brand covers, descriptions about each brand, linking the products we sell, developing multiple titles for each brand and more. So far I have completed over 100 brands and still have about 100 brands remaining. All of this has been really cool to develop so far and I look forward to the next few steps which is to reach out to every brand and get more detailed information about them.

As far as the design and development goes, I have the template files 95% done and I am waiting on the development of a few modules that are essential to our online business model. Once we get these pieces finished we can launch the new and improved Suburban Blend.

This will go in perfect timing with the launch of the new storefront in Jamestown which includes a 30 foot bowl sharing the offices and warehousing on the second floor, the indoor skatepark and the new custom built skate and snow shop on the first floor. Pete Scheira is the brainchild behind the new building, its like Rob Dyrdeks fantasy factory, but in New York, and built on a dream of a former pro snowboarder, and one of the most passionate people in this business. Those who don’t know, just don’t know.

See below the first of many sneak peaks from of the new site. These are a couple of the hundred or so covers we have for our manufacturers now, some are basic, some are extensive, but my goal for each one was to convey each brands core image while establishing each one to be useful for our site.

Sabre Sunglasses

Pro Tec Helmets

Independent Trucks

Element Skateboarding

Blind Skateboarding Brand

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