Suburban Blend Snow, Skate, Streetwear

Suburban Blend Snow, Skate, Streetwear

Snowboard and Skateboard Categoriea

Do you ever wonder who writes all of the content for your favorite snowboard and skateboard Shops?  Its often overlooked by the average customer but there is a reason why the customer finds that shop in the first place.  That is where I come in; here at Suburban Blend.  My job for the past few days has been to research, define and write about all of our skateboarding, snowboarding and streetwear categories.

Literally the past three days for at least ten hours per day I have written over 13,000 words of content, defining every category we offer at Suburban Blend.  This includes defining the page titles, keywords, descriptions and writing exclusive content for each page.  Most of this content  is written primarily for SEO, but also written to have an emotional hot button marketing for the customer.  Looking back on our current site I can’t believe this was ignored for so long.

I have also defined an icon for every category to be used as a form of navigation for when users are surfing through the new site.  This site is going to be so legit and I can’t wait to drop it on the world.  I am about to move into the bulk import for all of the products once I finish these categories and manufacturers.

This was a great challenge but overcoming it will help our store so much.  Over 65 different categories have been defined and the 13,000 written will make up our new snowboard and skateboard categories for Suburban Blend.

I look forward to the opportunity to show you what I have been working so hard on.

For other updates on this new Suburban Blend site peep Sneak Peek 1, and Sneak Peek 2, Also peep this SB blog design update.

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