Sunday Sequence | Off Road in California

Sunday Sequence | Off Road in California

I was on my way down to LA last week from Mammoth Lakes.  Along my route I pass by Mt Whitney which is a beautiful site to see if you have never been up this way.  During the drive I decided it would be a good idea to alter the route slightly and take a detour off route 395 and go closer to the mountains.  I took a road that eventually became a dirt road and shortly after that became a road with a large creek flowing through it.  Being the off road adventurist that I am I saw this as an opportunity to blast through the water.  Actually I was just a little freaked out about getting stuck in the water so my only real option was to blast through it..

This presents my first installment of the Sunday Sequence which you can find once every week here on my site…  I have got to say the Snowrev SUV held up pretty good to this beating, except the muffler came disconnected from the car.  Hopefully a case of Newcastle will get us a quick fix from our good ol friend Chris May…  Who by chance when we went to pick up his case of Newcastle today in Rite Aid in Mammoth was already in line with his case.  We gladly paid for it for the repairs he did to the brakes last week.  Perfect timing I would say..

I am not to sure how Megan is going to feel about this post seeing as this is her car now and she really hates when I go off roading in it…  Well Meg… I hope you can at least enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed the ride…  Loved it.

Off Roading in California

Infiniti Qx4 Off Road SUV

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