Take Me Back Thursday | The Simpsons First Episode Ever

Take Me Back Thursday | The Simpsons First Episode Ever

Bart Simpson Writing Chalkboard

The Night, December 17, The year was 1989;

It was a cold and wintry night on 837 Newland Avenue in Jamestown New York and the Centi family was soon to experience a change that would alter the way they were entertained for many years to come.. Some of you may be wondering why.. It was the official introduction of a national phenomenon that was about to step through our television sets and into the lives of the Centi youth.

This phenom was known as The Simpsons.  Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie…  This was the family unit that was destined to entertain us for the next ten years or so, every night around dinner time…  It was this show that influenced us to say “Holy Cow Man” and “Dooow”.  It was Bart who taught us that being bad was OK sometimes..  Homer that showed us that drinking too much is not a good thing…  Lisa that showed us that being smart is OK too..

Its funny, I can see little reflections of this influence in my family as I look back..  This was something that completely engulfed our attention for years so of course its a part of the reason I am the way I am today…  Its not exactly clear what I pulled from the show other than a bunch of great comfortable memories sitting down with my brother and sisters to watch all of our favorite show..  I decided to bring this one back for everyone that hasn’t thought about the Simpsons in a while..

The Simpsons. 17 December 1989 (Season 1, Episode 1)  This was the first ever Simpsons episode to air in history..

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