The Snowboard Season is over, For Megan

The Snowboard Season is over, For Megan

Words and photos from my Iphone.. Please excuse any typos..

Today I am driving Megan to Reno.. She is flying up to Portland.. Her first full season in the mountains was an epic one.. It was one of the best seasons Mammoth has ever had.. She covered more terrain than most kids that live in Mammoth for years. In her bag of descents include, Tioga Pass- Elery Bowl, Bloody Couloir, as well as at least five days a week on Mammoth.. Her skills have progressed so much and in some ways I see her a stronger rider than myself.. I wasnt riding nearly as good as her, my second year on snow. This is the end of the first chapter for her. Next year she will be back in Mammoth with more experience, more confidence and more skills. Sorry but yes she knows more about snowboarding than you.

On Monday I am departing Mammoth to Mt Hood in the Rv with an entirely new and super motivated crew of great kids..

Frank Knab, hands down one of the best skateboarders I have seen will be heading up promotions for Snowrev at Hood. He will be focused on gettin kids stoked on the site and signing up for our community.

Danny Thomas, an amazing snowboarder will be in charge of sales.. Selling tees, stickers, hoodies and some older shred gear.

Marc Oste, will be in charge of content. His schedule for filming and editing is already stacked.. He is currently working on my new video interview series that will be dropping so soon.. The interviews look great. You will love the concept.

I will be in Mt Hood for a few days before returning to my own hood.. Once I return to JTNY, I will spend the majority of my work hours running Suburban Blend.. I look forward to the summer so much. Great people, tons of things to accomplish and i’ll be in my Stomping grounds.

That’s it. Sorry I missed yesterday.. It was crazy. I was working closely with attorneys all day to recover my site. Just so everyone knows.., and are back and safe from any future threats. That really took a lot out of me but I remained focused and came out on top and I am so much stronger for dealing with this malicious, shady act.

The important thing to remember: Nothing good comes easy and you will pass through many hard times before you reach your goals. Be persistant and don’t lose focus of your dreams.. Jeaaaahhh!

Megan Centi

- Megan had a direct encounter with a mountainted lion this winter.


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