This Tiger Wanted To Eat Me

This Tiger Wanted To Eat Me

Tiger Face to Face

On yet another very interesting adventure with Mr Jeremy Winchester we came across this exotic animal farm in the middle of the woods in Western New York. Truth is, its a non profit exotic animal rescue center, that holds animals like Tigers, Wolves, Panthers, Bears and much more.. More interestingly they keep the animals outside in the winter and how often do you get to see a tiger, with its bright orange and yellow stripes on white contrast. Yeah, good luck finding that. We were lucky enough to find that while on our 150 mile sled mission with Rob Buydos and some other heavy hitters from the Motocross world.

This was an epic mission, First time I ever saw triple digits on a sled and I think what is stemming from this day is going to be epic and a full on game changer. When it comes down to it, Jeremy Winchester is a kid that truly lives life, with an attitude and energy beyond most individuals. I think he should be giving tours around the area and showing people how to enjoy life, but wait, that’s what he does. If you are in Western New York and your life seems a little stale, hit Jeremy up for a true adventure.

Back to the Tigers, Ahhh. I was ecstatic to get so close to a radically caged and unstable animal. You don’t really understand just how unstable such a beast is until you get close enough to see it look you directly in the eyes and realize, fuck, this thing wants to eat me, and that is probably the only thought it has right now. Obviously unlike other animals, like dogs where you can look at the dog in the eyes, and wonder, maybe this animal is thinking it wants to kiss me, or play with me right now.. The tiger, not a chance, one instinct as I sat in front of it, one instinct as I called for it like I do my dogs, one instinct as I wanted it to chase me from end to end of the cage, that instinct was the true instinct of Kill. Do you know what it feels like to look into the eyes of something that wants nothing more than to kill you? Before today I would have had to say no. Enjoy the pictures of the tigers.

Buy a tiger

Tiger in the Snow

Tigers in the winter

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