Power of Translation

Power of Translation

Flags of the World

I just implemented Google Translate on my site and on my online store.

Of course, Rosetta Stone is amazing software to learn a language, but google and the international accessibility of the world now allows us to communicate with people on a global scale even without understanding the native language of the visitor.

For example, on the right side of my site you will  see that you can now read my site in one of over 50 international languages.  I also implemented this on Suburban Blend, so that you can now shop internationally.  We have a huge international audience and until now the customers may have not been able to shop properly, even though their local google index has us listed and they land in our store.

This is a very simple implementation, of which I will offer a tutorial on, how to implement Google Translate into your WordPress Blog, and on you X Cart Shopping Cart software.

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