Webinsight Wednesdays | Working with Site Developers

Webinsight Wednesdays | Working with Site Developers

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Over the past few years and the numerous projects I have worked on I have gained some serious experience in working with developers. Code journalists of all types, Flash, XHTML, Php, Javascript and most recently ASP.

In working with these specific developers I have observed a few things that you can watch out for when going to build your site.

1.  Each one of them believed that their programming language and methods were the true and only methods for success.  The reality is that not one programming language is superior to the other when the code is written properly and no corners are cut.  Don’t be afraid to explore different programming languages for your site.

2. These developers didn’t enjoy the thought of altering their original work, so make sure that you have a clear developed plan of what you want your site to be, discuss the future plans for growth, and make sure you are getting exactly what you want before its approved.

3.  One of the developers continuously said “Thats not possible, get it out of your head”.  Then I began working with a developer who proved him wrong and didn’t flinch at the ideas.  Point is..  Just because one developers mind doesn’t think it can be done, doesn’t mean it can’t be done.  Explore many different developers ability levels before giving up on your concept.

4.  Some but NOT ALL developers are in it for the money.  If your developers are not writing code because they “love” it.  Then try and find some that do.. When a developer is just as engaged in a project as you are then you have the opportunity to make something truly amazing but everyone should be on the same page.
Short Break: About a year ago today I had this hilarious concept for a tv show that I feel would have been just amazing.  It came at a time when I had 5 different developers spitting in my ear about their methodology and their secrets to success.  They all bashed on one another and explained to me how bad the other persons programming was.  I wanted to stick them all in the same room to discuss the best way to develop a project and watch their personalities clash so hard.  Would have been pretty entertaining.


If you are thinking about starting a website here are a few things you can do before you get started…

1. You should develop a clear and concise PLAN of what your website will do, who you will be targeting and how you plan for growth.

– Developing a Functional Requirements Document

One thing that really helped me in developing the new Snowrev site was a Functional Requirements Document..  The FRD will outline the core elements that need to exist on the every page of the website and will outline a page by page break down.  If you are working with a large design firm this document could cost you up to $25,000 to develop.  In the long run its worth every penny as it will make the development and design phases go so much smoother and will save you a ton time and aggravation..


Make sure that you know exactly what you want and how it can be achieved.  Find examples.. Do your research..  I had an issue with one flash developer that specifically wanted everything in writing.. Since I made the mistake of assuming there were flash standards by use of my examples I was fucked with..  For example, Vimeo and Youtube and just about other flash video system that offers an option to embed videos will allow you to change the size of the embedded file and all of the tools will scale..  After development, the flash developers I was working with, said, “Your document specifically mentions that the size of the embed player shall be 65% of the size of the original video”.. When I tried to scale that embed file I realized the tools were all fucked up and these guys want to charge for developing some new code for Scaling..  Point being every other detail was pretty much mentioned in my document, but I failed to include such a thing… Im not sure if they were just looking for loopholes or made a mistake but make sure not to assume and include everything you will want.. In detail.

3.  Work with developers that have a passion for your project..

Don’t just find developers that are in the game for the money or who want to be working on a ton of projects at once.. Believe it, your shit will never get done and you will see projects popping up left and right that dont relate to what you were doing..
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