Whats with all the Commotion?

Whats with all the Commotion?

Snowrev Commotion Video

So this season I have been working with a very talented group of snowboarders that will be making a snowboard movie for Snowrev.  This video will be distributed through multiple channels.  Online and as a giveaway for all customers shopping at Suburban Blend…  Check out one of their edits.

So the crew is Cody Rosenthal and Nick Russell.  Both amazing snowboarders that were sidelined by injuries for the season but still managed to pull together and work their asses off on an a project that will highlight their abilities for making movies and allow them to build their portfolios and show their true passion for snowboarding.  There is no one better that could have been making this movie.  They chose a solid crew, took the RV and went on their way to film all season.  The most amazing part about being a part of this was watching the dedication and persistence these guys had regardless of the hardships that dropped upon the crew through the winter.

I am stoked to have worked with them and can’t wait to see the movie.  You can check out the video updates regularly at Snowrev.co/Commotion

Lunch Break::

Ok I am back from lunch.. Lunch was cool.  Sat and brainstormed with Megan and came up on a new concept.. A new site.  This site will be targeted specifically to college kids and has mad potential to be amazing.  We will be working on a business plan for that site over the next fews weeks when time is available.  While at lunch I linked up with Luke Mitrani to come up with some ideas for the Frendly Gathering that is coming up this weekend at Crowley lake.  If you are in the area make sure to come and check it out.

So since I got back I realized that the developer I am working with on Snowrev did exactly what I was hoping would happen..  He added the ability to display video links in my feature content viewer.  This is going to be super good for the new video concept I am launching and the Commotion videos..   Check out my piece tomorrow and every wednesday called Webinsight Wednesdays.  Tomorrow I will be sharing some info about working with developers and how to best approach working with them. See the feature video viewer below.. Now introducing the Snowrev/Skateboardrev Videos of the Day!

Snowrev Cover

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