Where Eyes Meet

Where Eyes Meet

Where Eyes Meet

This is a new photo series that I am putting together called “Where Eyes Meet“.  This is a photo series that incorporates friends, couples, siblings, parents-kids, and people that truly feel they have something in common.

The series will include one hundred people posted up side by side with their eyes facing the camera.  All of the photos will have the skin and hair in Black and White and the eye balls in Color.

Why eyes? To me your eyes represent the unique spirits in this world and I feel like you can look deep into another persons soul through a connection with their eyes.  For me, eyes are so unique and represent an individuals unique design.  We are all different here and no two eyes from two people will be the exact same.  Its like our unique ID, our print, our path.

The reason I am coupling people of a similar thread is so that everyone can understand something that is very important to me.  That is, that everyone is different and we are all unique.  You are special, no matter what, because you are you, and no one will ever have your unique print.  No matter if you like the same things, own the same things or feel the same things.  YOU ARE YOU and there will never be anyone exactly like you.  Just like I AM EYE.

I believe that my eyes personally have changed throughout my life.  In pictures you can see that I started with brown eyes but over time and throughout experiences my eyes have defined themselves, just as I have within myself.  There is power in experiences and wisdom gained throughout life.  Whether the experience is good or bad, you will go through it and it will affect the very print in your soul.

Knowing that; I hope that everyone can look deep within themselves and shine with the person they are.  If you are ever feeling anything other than strength, just look deep into your own eyes and realize that you are different and beautiful and unique from anyone around you.

Keep and EYE out for this upcoming photo series that is a work in progress for the next few weeks.

In the photo above you will see my eyes (left) with what I feel is a very kindred spirit named Molly Price (right).  I was lucky enough to be in the presence of such a beautiful person and this photo is the inspiration behind what is to become this entire project called Where Eyes Meet.

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