Work Hard Business | Its The Update

Work Hard Business | Its The Update

California Mountain Sunset

The past few weeks have been very productive and very busy.  Between keeping things rolling with Suburban Blend, adding new products, writing copy for skateboard and snowboard companies, working on getting our new platform finished, Moving forward with Snowrev site updates, developing sponsorship sales and planning GnarJar sales activities.
Suburban Blend- I have been working very hard on the new Suburban Blend platform and website.  I have noticed a missing link in our current site and with our new platform and updated design I am expecting a huge turnaround for the shop.  We realized that our greatest potential for growth is online and although we are moving into a new building with an indoor skatepark and foresee that bringing more people to Jamestown, we are aiming high online and hope that our new site will allow us to meet these new goals.

Snowrev- I am happy to say that development has continued with the Snowrev site, we are upgrading our product section and travel section and have been working on some great programs to bring the necessary funds in to Snowrev.  I had realized a couple bugs that existed in the first round of the SNOWREV site that are all being updated that will help us significantly with a traffic increase, although the site continues to grow everyday, and will make the site alot more usable and functional across the board.  We have also planned a great approach for involving mountain resorts from across the globe and the businesses that surround them that will be delivered in our update coming around November 1st.  I am very excited to see that with more time my new domain SNOWREV is online the more power it is receiving on the seo front..  The blog has become so powerful that within two days the number one google spot is mine for generally related search queries.. I mean not specific title to search terms.  That is a very good thing.  I wish I could share all of the details with you about the updates and what is coming but I will wait till a few months after I drop it to explain what went down and how to look out for your site and business.  The

The Injured Riders Foundation– Since I introduced GnarJar, I received press on every major media platform in Snowboarding and across some great other action sports channels.  We have set our sights very high for this new approach and have great volunteers on board ready to move forward with contacting over 5,000 action sports shops to raise awareness about our mission and to try and get a GnarJar in every shop.  We start spreading the word on Thursday.

Hush Hush… Its coming- On the new business front; I am moving forward with more planning in a new business I am starting with my brother and best friend Slim..  Next week we are planning nightly meetings 7-10 to discuss finalizing the plan and organizing our action move.  This is a concept I dreamed up a few months ago when I realized a huge market potential for this and its something I am very passionate about.  All of the financial experts I have run the idea by have told me its a great idea, and its Big Business.  I am too early in the phase of this concept to share it entirely, or even the name, but I can tell you this.  It has to do with Photos and Videos and its a service that families worldwide will want to participate in.  We are expecting huge growth, and I can tell you this.  We already have on board one of the largest marketing firms in the nation with over 10,000 sales agents that will be helping us achieve our goals.  Its going to be heavy.

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