I love to work.  Its simple I have discovered some amazing freedom in the way I do what I do and that passion has helped me stay continuously focused on building new things.  The following companies I have been a part of the start up phase from concept, development and management.  These are my babies and my passion and I give advisory, management and direct time to every day.

Ink Wells

Ink Wells Co LogoInk Wells offers a unique and engaging Live Printing Service at events.  We also offer a large variety of printing services including screen printing, DTG printing, Wide format dye sublimation printing, canvas printing, sticker printing and pag printing.  Our technologies allow us to create items like glassware, metals, plastic, apparel, fabrics and more.  This company started very small in a garage and has grown organically to offer both live design and printing for clients like Microsoft, at&t, adidas, NASCAR, PepsiCo and HP Computers.

This is my baby and started as a way to find creative outlet to source my energy and dreams into something of value for other companies, artists and friends alike.  Today it keeps me pushing, trying new ideas, discovering new technologies and ways to deliver a cool experience and value for my customers.

Role:  CEO, Founder




SnowrevSnowrev is a sharing platform for winter sports.  Starting as just a snowboard community Snowrev hopes to reach the all types Snowboarders, Skiers and outdoor winter activists to utilize Snowrev as a resource to learn about snow conditions, find discounts on lift tickets and backcountry gear.  Snowrev has a community of thousands of resort ambassadors that submit reviews about their resort conditions and gear.

Analytics:   20MM impressions to over 6MM unique users.

Role: COO, Co-Founder


Suburban Blend

Suburban Blend Logo Suburban Blend skate and snowboard shop.  Looking back all the way to my adolescent years Suburban Blend was my first snowboarding sponsor.  Toward the end of the business under the original owners Scott and Sue Harding I was able to bring together a management team and investment capital to buy the store and open a combined brick and mortar store and introduce an eCommerce platform.

Role:  Managing Partner

Analytics : Over 1MM users and 5K customers

Southern Tier Brewing Company


Southern Tier Brewing is one of the top craft brewing companies in the nation and may be number one.  I had the opportunity to develop two generations of their eCommerce platform for selling Southern Tier merchandise.

 Role:  Web Designer




Jamestown Hydroponics – Grow Hydro

Jamestown Hydroponics LogoGrow Hydro is the eCommerce platformed developed for Jamestown Hydroponics.  The site is less than one year old and hosts products from the largest distributors in the Hydroponics business including Hydro Farm.

Role:  Web Designer, Information Architect




I am big on non profit work and truly enjoy working toward the greater cause for the benefit of helping others.  The following projects are non profit work that I have done and continue to do to help people in need.  I believe that if you do the right thing for others you will be greatly repaid by the world in the ways you need.  Its a give and take of great things for the better of others.

Little Angels of Honduras

Little Angels LogoLittle Angels of Honduras is a 501c3 Non Profit organization dedicated to reducing the infant mortality rate in the country of Honduras.

Role: Board of Directors, Website manager, Apparel Manager


The Injured Rider Foundation

Injured Rider FoundationThe Injured Rider Foundation is a 501c3 Non Profit organization dedicated to uninsured or under insured athletes who are injured while participating in action sports.

Role: President and Co Founder

Analytics:  The IRF has covered over 80K in unpaid hospital bills for uninsured injured athletes.